Your Rancher Wins Lifetime Conservation Award

By: Lacie Preisler, Sept. 14th 2022

Your Rancher Wins Lifetime Conservation Award

Elin Ganschow, Owner of Sangre's Best Beef

Ranching and Conservation can, and should, work hand in hand. That's a mind blowing statement for some, and not the mainstream narrative. But Sangre's Best, and our fearless leader Elin Ganschow, are the model of exactly how it can work. But now you don't just have to take our word for it...

Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow is the 2022 Stuart P. Dodge Lifetime Achievement Award Winner presented by the Palmer Land Conservancy. And we quote "for your excellence in conservation, and for your courage, commitment, and passion for ranching, agriculture, and local food."

As a Sangre's Best Customer, you can feel 100% confident that we are raising your beef the right way. We don't do it for the awards. We do it for you, the animals, the environment and ultimately the highest quality beef available.  We will never stop progressing, learning, and implementing the best ranching practices we know. We hope this award creates an even greater trust between us!

From Your Rancher

Not Her First Rodeo...or Award

In 2020 Elin was also awarded the NRCS Conservationist of the Year Award. This is not an annual award, they only give it out when they find the right person. The last time it was handed out was 2012. So they must think we're doing something right!

Elin receiving the Conservationist of the Year Award

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