The Cattle's Journey: Candid Behind the Scenes Look

By: Elin Ganschow, Owner Sangre's Best Beef: Sept. 8th 2022

CAUTION: Real Beef Photos Ahead

When you become a Sangre's Best Customer you get 100% transparency in where your beef comes from.

We show you everything because we have nothing to hide. We also do it to help educate you, and create an earthly connection to where your food comes from.

You will actually be able to be proud of how your beef is raised.

So, just for you,  here's a candid behind-the-scenes look at the final stages of our 2022 Summer Beef Herd

All of the "Big Beef Marketing Geniuses" say you should never show your customers photos of the cows or from the butcher. They say it's too real and people can't handle that. Well, we think that's a bunch of hogwash. We know our customers are smarter than that, and care about every step of the process. Plus, if "Big Meat" ever showed you photos of their process, you'd be sick to your stomach. It's not the beautiful, holistic, respectful, and fulfilling journey that a Sangre's Cow takes. 

There's nothing more important to us than transparency between you and your food. It's the ONLY way you can trust your beef source (and all food in general). Even the best labeling at the grocery store can be false and misleading. You have to see it for yourself. 

So, to fly in the face of the "Big Meat" Industries marketing advice, below is a look at the ENTIRE journey of our 2022 Summer Beef Herd.

Moving Your Cattle to Their Final Bountiful Pasture

Gathering Up Your Cattle for the Last Time

Cattle Loaded and On Their Way Over the Mountain

Your Beef at the Butcher: Dry Aging to Perfection

First Look at the Steaks. Holy "Cow"!

Beef Packed and Ready to Ship Out!


Thank you all for taking the time to get to know your Beef Source. There's nothing more important to us!

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