Price Comparison: Our Beef VS The Grocery Store

By: Elin Ganschow, 3/1/23
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Grass-Finished Beef Price Comparison

Is it cheaper to buy “Grass-Fed” Beef from the grocery store than to buy our 100% Grass-Finished Beef?

The short answer, is no.

We went to the store with pencil and paper in hand to compare, and the results were pretty shocking! See for yourself.

We checked our beef prices with the closest thing we could find at the store...

The Quality Doesn't Even Come Close... 

These results are even more shocking when we think about the quality of the beef being compared. Even the best organic, grass fed beef at the grocery store DOESN’T COME CLOSE to the quality of our beef.

Even if beef is labeled “organic” and “100% Grass Fed” it can still come from a feedlot situation. And even beef labeled “American” can come from other countries! It’s unbelievable!

The only way to have a truly trustworthy source of beef is to know your rancher! And we would be honored to be that rancher for you! Get to know us here. 

Let us raise your family's beef!

Beat Inflation! Cut out the Middleman

In the last two years, we all saw first hand how fragile the big grocery store food supply chain is.

Now that things are returning to normal, we are still dealing with record high prices at the grocery store, especially when it comes to beef.

 The “Big 4” meat processors are raising prices and blaming it on inflation, but at the same time they are bringing in record profits. Don’t believe their lie, they are simply taking advantage of everyday consumers. Read here. 

But there’s good news for you! Your connection with us means you can get out from under the fist of the corporate beef industry.

 Now you don’t have to worry about shortages, price hikes, or misleading labels.

 When you place a beef deposit with us, we literally take that deposit and use it to raise beef for you. It’s like putting your name on one of our cows. And we’ll send you pictures and videos all along the way!

Join the Moo-vement! Get Beef Right From a Rancher!

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