How Much Freezer Space Do You Need?

By: Mike Preisler on May 5th, 2022
Interests: Bulk Beef, Meal Planning, Freezer Space, Grass Finished Beef

How Much Freezer Space Do You Need?

Have you found your great beef source and are ready to make the switch from the grocery store??? The next step is knowing how much beef you and your family need, and how much freezer space is required. We've put together these easy to use charts for you to start planning. Hope this helps, enjoy! (and if you haven't found that life changing beef source yet, we'd love to be your rancher!)

What Package Does Your Family Need? 

To plan freezer space, let's start with how much beef you need for your family. Here's the guide for what size Beef Package you need to order based on your family size and meals you eat per week. 

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