How Diet Saved Our Son's Life

By: Lacie and Mike Preisler 1/12/23

We found blood in our son’s stool when we was 15 months old. That day our lives changed forever.

We didn’t know it at the time but our clean food journey had just begun.

The next 6 months were pure hell.

As the blood got worse, we continually looked for diagnoses for him. We spent every spare moment either at the doctor, at the hospital running tests, or on our phones researching what Calprotectin was, and why his was off the charts high.

Eventually, we had to submit him for a full colonoscopy. That’s still one of the hardest days of our life, having to hand your baby off to the doctor for a procedure like that.

The results weren’t good.

Based on the amount of inflammation in his colon, and how it reacted when they scraped it, they concluded that he has Very Early Onset Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

He was not even two years old!

Throughout the process of having him diagnosed we were in a bit of a state of denial, or maybe just naively optimistic. We never wanted to think that what he was going through was going to be a lifelong diagnosis that would change his world forever. We always tried to justify a much simpler explanation to what was going on. In the back of our minds we knew that UC was a possibility, but never wanted to let our minds go there. The colonoscopy was the nail in the optimism coffin.

There certainly was a period of acceptance and grief following the diagnosis. All for our son, who like any parents you just want them to never feel pain and have every opportunity to thrive in life. No child deserves any unwarranted setback in life.

But that period of grieving passed.

We are not the type of people to sit back and let the world steam roll us. We are the opposite. We went on the attack.

We rejected A LOT of the status quo treatment and challenged EVERY bit of the “common knowledge” of this disease. We were the worst patients any doctor could ask for, we didn’t care.

The biggest thing we were at odds with in the medical community was the power diet can have to help cure just about anything, ESCPECIALLY a disease in your GUT! There was ABSOLUTELY no thought or care from our doctors about his diet. According to them his life was already all laid out. First they’d start him on steroids, then increasingly powerful anti inflammation meds until they no longer work, then onto increasingly powerful biologic infusions (immunosuppressant drugs) for the rest of his life.

Our doctors were great people who really wanted to help, but we rejected this storyline for our son.

Instead, we went to the fringes of the internet, which can be a very dangerous place sometimes lol.

We talked with anybody and everybody that had experience with this. We started finding some success stories of kids with UC who were put on very specific diets. To us, that just rang so true.

Going further down the rabbit hole we found the “Foundation for Nutrition and IBD in Kids”. This was a total God thing. To say they are a "small" foundation would be quite an understatement! 

We called them right away and a frantic lady answered, and said “HELLO? Who are you? What do you want? Ok, let me call you back”.

We were like "ooookkkk", that wasn’t promising.

We later found out this whole foundation is run by one mom putting herself through Med School and a 90 year old doctor who helped heal her daughter’s IBD. We also now know these are two of the greatest people in the world.

When she did call us back, she could guess everything that we had been through down to the smallest detail. We thought she was psychic, for real. Then she said words we will never forget “We are going to put your son’s disease to sleep”.

We cried real hard after that phone call lol.

With their guidance, we put our son on the cleanest anti-inflammatory diet possible;
organic everything, no dairy, no gluten, no corn, no preservatives, limited sugars, and most importantly lean and clean meats. We also introduced probiotics, curcumin, SPMs, blackberry extract and other all natural supplements.

After 30 days on this clean food diet, 9 months of our son’s bleeding came to a stop.

Now, a year and half later, still no bleeding.

He’s not on any medications or steroids, and we go to the doctor once a year just to have tests done.

He is thriving in every way. He’s huge, way off the charts, and is lightyears ahead developmentally. Many kids in his situation that don’t have diet guidance can be very malnourished, missing teeth, not growing, and dealing with side effects from the strong meds.

The diet change is something that certainly took adjusting too, and we are still learning new things about it everyday. We had always tried to eat right, get local proteins, limit the crap from the grocery store, but we had never been ALL IN 100% committed to it like we are now.

We can tell you it makes a difference.

We had been working for Elin and Sangre’s Best before all this (and been eating their beef for a longtime) but these events just made us even stronger believers in the mission and the product that we offer here at Sangre’s.

When we feed our son Elin’s beef, we are literally trusting her with his life.

And there’s no one else we would trust more. She’s the most honest, caring, self-less person you will ever meet. We’ve known her way before we started working for her, and everything that has happened to put us in this position with Sangre’s has definitely been guided by the hand of God.

The beef, Elin, and helping other families eat the right way is what motivates us every day to make Sangre’s Best Beef successful.

So, if diet is important to you or your family in anyway, we can give you our 100% full endorsement that Sangre’s Best Beef is beef you can trust. It’s the real deal, the best of the best, and it’s worth every penny.

Thank you for listening.

If you have any questions about our story (or maybe you have a similar story) please reach out!

Food is medicine. God Bless!

Lacie (mom), Mike (Dad), James our Son, Baby Cassi, and Fin the Dog. 

More "Food" for Thought

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Having your own "Freezer Section" right at home to choose healthy beef from everytime.

Detoxing all the poison from cheap beef out of your system and life. 

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Yeah, but it's hard...

We know. 

We have kids, jobs, and the (very) occasional social life.

We know that the world has made it much easier to eat cheap, empty & harmful food from the grocery store. 

But, as a Grass Finished Beef Rancher, we were in a unique position to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

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If you are at all interested in the food you are eating, congratulations, you care more than most! We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know your Beef Source. There's nothing more important to us!

We would be honored to raise Beef for you and your family!

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