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DEPOSIT: Only $200 Due Today
TOTAL:  $545-$654
This is the initial deposit. Final amount will be calculated and collected right before your beef ships out. 

The 1/8 Beef is the perfect package for trying out all our different cuts, or topping off your at home beef supply. So if this is your first order with us, this is a great way to taste test our beef (warning, you'll have wish you ordered more!!!) 

The 1/8 Beef package fits in a standard size fridge/freezer combo (takes up about 1.75 cubic feet of space)


  • 40% Premium Ground Beef:  18-24lbs in convenient 1lb packages  85/15 blend 
  • 35% Savory Cuts:  3-4 Roasts; 2-3 packages of stew meat in convenient 1lb packages; 2-4 Cross Cut Shanks individually packaged; and one of the following 'odd cuts', too few for every box:  Brisket, Back Ribs, OR Short Ribs.
  • 25% Steaks:  2 Sirloin Tips, 2 - packs of Minute Steak, 2 Top Sirloins, 3-4 New York Strips, 2-3 Rib Eyes, 2 Filet Mignons, and one of the following 'odd cuts' too few for every box:  Skirt, Flank OR Tri-Tip.


  • All butchering and processing fees
  • Dry aging for flavor and tenderness between 14 to 21 days. 
  • All items are professionally packaged, and labeled with name of cut.
  • All meat is flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality and flavor.
  • Cuts are vacuum sealed for indefinite fresh quality in the freezer. 
  • Free shipping nationwide.
  • Local pick up options in Colorado Springs. Denver, Pueblo, Florence & Westcliffe.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee


  • Deposits open starting March 1st. Order deadline is June 1st, if not sold out before then. First orders in are the first orders out when beef is ready. 
  • After your deposit, your beef will be raised on our amazing pastures this summer. 
  • Beef Orders will be shipped out starting in September/Oct/Nov
  • You will be notified of all updates along the way. 
  • You will get your final invoice when your beef arrives in the warehouse in Colorado Springs.
  • If you choose Free Shipping, your order will be shipped out (you'll be notified ahead of time)
  • If you choose local pick up options in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Florence or Westcliffe we will send you a calendar to schedule your pick up time. 
  • "The quality is day and night compared to the stuff at the store! I don’t see myself going back to store meat anytime soon. Sharing it with a everyone. Thank you!!!" - Cessna M.
  • "This beef is the best of the best! and you remove the middleman in the grocery store and get it directly from the Rancher, Elin." - Maura D. 
  • "This beef is the best of the best! and you remove the middleman in the grocery store and get it directly from the Rancher, Elin." - Maura D. 
  • "What a blessing to get such a store of quality beef today at such an amazing price! Thank you for reaching out to families and providing a way to fill our freezers with wholesome food! You made the pick up super easy! I really appreciate it!" - Laura R.
  • "Just received a whole beef from the folks at Sangres Best. What a pleasure to work with.....contactless pickup was great as well. Will continue to do business with. A++++" - Darin M. 
  • "This is the second time I've ordered from them. The meats we've received have been amazing. So flavorful and tender. Easy to order online and super convenient to pickup. All I had to do was park, let them know I was there, popped the trunk and they brought it right out, loaded it into the car for me and I was done. Great people!" Karen S.
  • "We ordered from Sangre’s Best last week and the whole experience was excellent! Everyone was super nice and courteous, especially when I broke my toe and had to delay my pickup. When I arrived, I was able to text them and they put the order in my hatch. The meat, as always, is superb and I love the individual packaging. Highly recommended! We will be ordering again!" - Jenna H.
  • "Best tasting grass finished beef I’ve ever had. Worth the wait to get. Elin is amazing. Will absolutely order again when we need to replenish our freezers!" Tiffany M. 
  • "Listen... I need to give credit where credit is due. Ordered a whole cow in the fall and have thoroughly enjoyed it up-to-date. Last night grilled filet mignon, ribeye and a skirt steak. This was the most tender, Flavorful steak I have had in a very very long time. Please give yourselves a pat on the back as you have acquired a lifelong customer!" - Armon M.
  • "We ordered a 1/4 of a cow and we are blown away with the quality and the taste of this beef! We will never go back to the local grocery store for beef! Grass-fed beef is a total game changer and everyone needs to try it." - Asca H.