Julie Boyatt  Community Whole Beef Share

Julie Boyatt Community Whole Beef Share

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Congrats! By going in on a whole beef together everyone can save up to $50 per box over our standard retail price of $8.49/lb! Each person can reserve as much of the whole cow as they want at the whole cow price of $7.49/lb. The whole cow is broken up into eight 50 to 60 pound boxes (Which equals an Eighth beef per box).  Each box just has a $200 deposit with the final amount due in August/Sept when fulfilment happens.
Here is a key for how many boxes equal with estimated total. The final amount due at pickup will have the deposit deducted.

1 box = Eighth Beef from $375 to $450
2 boxes = Quarter Beef from $750 to $900
3 boxes = Tri-Pack from $1,125 to $1,350
4 boxes = Half from $1,500 to $1,800
8 boxes = Whole from $3,000 to $3,600

The deadline to have all 8 of your boxes sold is June 1st. If there are remaining boxes we encourage you to find homes for them or incur the charges of additional beef to fulfill your whole cow.
This beef is the highest quality grass finished beef on the market! All beef is dry aged to perfection 14 to 21 days and vacuum sealed in heavy duty freezer packaging.
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