Fall Whole Beef-  Deposit BEST DEAL

Fall Whole Beef- Deposit BEST DEAL

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Whole Beef: 400-480 lbs

A Whole Beef will keep a large family who enjoys beef often fed for a year or more.  Our heavy-duty cryo-vac packaging completely protects the beef for an indefinite period of time.  In this pack, you get EVERY single cut your heifer has to offer!  This pack requires about 12 to 16 cubic feet of freezer space.  These cuts are packed in user-friendly single cut or 1 lb. packages.

Your beef is PRE-DIVIDED into 8 boxes for easy sharing with family, neighbors, and friends :-)

Sangres Best signature cuts include about:   

  • Premium Ground Beef: 144-192 lbs in convenient 1 lb. packages 85/15 blend
  • Savory Cuts: 24-36 Roasts, 16-24 packs of stew meat in convenient 1 lb. packs, 16-24 Cross Cut Shanks individually packaged, and ALL of the following 'odd cuts': Brisket, Back Ribs, & Korean Style Ribs.
  • 14 to 21 Day Dry Aged Steaks:  16 Sirloin Tips, 16 - 1 lb packs of Minute Steaks, 16 Top Sirloins, 24-32 New York Strips, 16-24 Rib Eyes, 16 Filet Mignons, and ALL of the following 'odd cuts':  4 Skirt, 4 Bavette (flap), 2 Flank, & 2 Tri-Tip.

$8.49 per lb 
Total Cost is from $3,396 to $4,075 (depending on size of your heifer) - Deposit is $1,500

**All prices include processing, hanging weight, and butchering fees. It also includes product being vac sealed into our heavy airtight freezer plastic that is built to last the test of time. We build in all the costs to give you 100% transparency and so there is no guesswork at the final cost. 

The ready date will be November/December/January (remember it's first come first serve so the earlier you get your order in the sooner it will be ready). Once ordered we will contact you when its ready via email and either schedule a pickup time or notify you of ship date. 

Deposits to reserve your bulk beef share close October 1st We do this to honor the seasonality of the herd and so we can better plan our herds around you! This helps us raise the best beef out there specifically for our customers so you can experience real pasture-raised beef!