2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs
2024 Steak Box - 10lbs

2024 Steak Box - 10lbs

Attention Steak Lovers ~ Griller's Delight ~ Grass-Finished ~ 100% Guaranteed
 Are you a Steak Lover?  Wish that you had more Steaks in your Bulk Beef Box?  Now is your grand opportunity to add on 10lbs of additional steaks.  Rancher's Choice.
FREE PICKUP at Colorado Springs, or shipping is a flat rate of $1.50 per lb.

Choose the Payment Option That Works For You, Then Add to Cart!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What You All Get

Every package of this 100% Grass-Finished Colorado Raised Beef Includes...


Add on 10lbs of Prime Steaks to any Bulk Beef Order!

Rancher's Choice of Cuts.

Limit of 2.

Highest Quality Premium Steaks

A variety of our premium steaks, dry-aged for tenderness for 18-21 days, then hand-cut and carefully packaged by an expert butcher, and delivered to you flash frozen to preserve the incredible flavor. All this ensures you and your family will enjoy the most flavorful steaks you've ever had. Including; NY Strips, Ribeyes, Filet Mignons, Sirloin Tips, Minute Steaks, Round Steaks, Top Sirloins and more.

A New Standard for Ground Beef

The best Ground Beef you've ever had. Our signature 85/15 Ground Beef Blend creates the juiciest Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it... Packed in convenient 1lb packages. 

Crowd Pleasing Cuts

Our savory tender cuts of roasts, briskets, stew meats, baby back ribs & even korean style ribs will literally melt in your mouth. We even include some odd cuts like shank because you've never lived until you've had one of our shanks! The variety of roasts you get will depend on your package size. 

FREE Extras

Add on nutrition-packed beef bones, fat, and/or organs to any order at no charge! A must have for every family to make their own broth, lard, burger mixes, dog food and more...After you order, you'll have the chance to add on these bonuses. 

How and When Your Beef Arrives

Reserve your beef animal with a deposit or pay-nearly-in-full option to secure your share of our limited herd. Then sit back, relax, and let us raise the best Grass Finished Beef for you. Your Beef will spend the summer on our world class pastures, you'll get fun updates from the ranch along the way.  

Your beef will be harvested at it's peak flavor and nutrition from July through October.  Once your beef is packaged, you will pay a 2nd installment equal to the first (for deposit option). If you are local,  simply pick-up at a central location in your area. If you require shipping you will get your beef when temperatures cool down. Beef will start rolling out by late July through mid November.  Your actual Eighth, Quarter, Half or Whole Beef is a variable weight package.  The final amount due will be invoiced once your beef is tagged for you just prior to pickup or shipping.

It's time to wow your family and friends with the best beef they've ever had. Your box will contain professionally packed, vacuum sealed, and frozen packages ready for you to pull out at any time. You'll keep dinner time exciting with the variety of cuts available to you right in your freezer. 

Why It's The "Best"?

This is what Colorado Beef SHOULD taste like! and why it's literally the BEST

Our Pastures

What's the most important element to Grass-Finished Beef? The GRASS of course! Not all Grass-Finished Beef is created equal. Here, in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, we have some of the best pastures in the world. Your Beef will be eating a HUGE variety of grasses, forbs, sedges and herbs (over 60 different kinds, we literally counted). This diverse buffet of highly nutritious grasses creates the most flavorful, deep red, marbled, and nutritious beef you've ever had!

Our Care

Our pastures are so plentiful, we could sit back and watch amazing beef raise itself. But we go above and beyond, because that's what's best for the cattle, the pasture, and you. We are out on horseback with our cattle EVERYDAY checking on their health and happiness, and on the state of the pasture. We are constantly rotating the herd through different pastures on the ranch so they always have access to bountiful forage, and fresh mountain water. This life of exercise, fresh air and water, and the highest quality forage is what creates Truly the BEST Colorado Beef.

Our Experience

We have been raising Grass-Finished Beef on these pastures for over 30 years...WAY BEFORE IT WAS COOL.  We are the orginal experts on it, and for Gras-Finished Beef that really matters. The quality depends 100% on the way it is raised. When raised the right way, on the right pastures, it should be the best tasting beef you've ever had. If raised incorrectly, well, it can be the worst beef you've ever had. It's that important.  We've learned a lifetime's worth about raising the best beef possible, and we aren't done yet. Every year, we tweak and adjust to ensure that you receive the best tasting Grass-Finished Beef there is.  

Oh, and did we mention it's GUARANTEED?!

We are so sure that we offer the best Grass-Finished Beef, that we back it up with the only "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" in the beef business. We call this our "Rancher's Word Guarantee". In the world of Grass-Finished Beef raising there are a lot of variables (again, what we do is not easy). But we take on all that risk for you. If there is ANY reason you are not satisfied with your experience or the product, all you have to do is talk to us. We are here, and we will take care of you.

Order Today for a Chance to Win!

 We LOVE our customers. Let us treat you. Order your beef today and get these bonuses added for free!

 1. Automatic Entry for our Guest Ranch Giveaway - $3900 Value!

Win a week at our guest ranch, Music Meadows, Colorado's most private, authentic and scenic ranch getaway. 

We think it would be the most immersive, genuine, relaxing, and resetting week of your life!

You'll create those once in a lifetime memories, bond over conquering new challenges, step out of your "screen world" comfort zone, grow your confidence in yourself, and 

Guests at Music Meadows Ranch, Home of Sangre's Best Beef. Westcliffe, CO

See The Full Ranch Experience Here

 2. Sangre's Best "Beef Playbook" ($137 Value)

Want to become a Colorado Beef Connoisseur?!

You can (or at least look like one) when you have our 30+ years of beef buying, prepping, cooking and presenting at your fingertips.

Your own comprehensive Bulk Beef Guide and Recipe Book. 

In this book, you are getting over 30 years of experience with the EXACT beef you are ordering.  We have been raising and eating this beef for a generation now, and can tell you how to enjoy this beef at the next level!

 Written by your Rancher herself, you will get a digital and hardcopy version included when your package arrives. 


 3. Free Tickets to Our "Open Ranch" Day ($250+ VALUE) 

Have the most genuine "Colorado" Day Possible at our 2024 "Open Ranch Day"

You'll get unlimited FREE TICKETS for you and your friends and family to spend the day with us on our Music Meadows Guest Ranch.

In just one day, you can take the horses out to ride and gain confidence in your horsemanship (and yourself), create a connection with a real local ranch, get to brag about being a real Cowboy/Girl for a day, and become completely rejuvenated in life.

So wrangle up your favorite people to catch, saddle and mount your own horse, and join us for a behind the scenes tour, 

It is our mission to make deeper connections between people and their food sources. So what beter way to do that than shake each others hands.

 After you place your order, we will email you your "Free Tickets Code" to use for the Open House. 

Open House Date: Spring 2024

 4. Get Your Beef for the Holidays! (PRICELESS)

When everyone at the holiday party asks "Wow, this roast is incredible, where did you get it?!?", you won't have to sulk and say "Oh just King Soupers..."

 Ordering today will get your spot in line to make sure you have a good answer to the above question!

You'll be able to plan the most memorable family dinner when you have all of our Crowd Pleasing Cuts in your freezer to choose from. 

 5. Optional: FREE Bones, Organs and/or Suet

Any order before the deadline is eligible to add on FREE Bones, Organs and/or Suet (fat).

 If you are not utilizing these Goodies in some way, you and your pets are missing out!  Bone broth is simple to make.  Suet is great for birds in the winter, to grind with wild meat, or to melt for tallow/lard.  And the organs... well that is an adventure all its own!  

*Important: Watch for the option to click and add them to your order. Don't Miss It. That's your only chance. 

What Customers Like You Are Saying...

Laura R. 

"What a blessing to get such a store of quality beef today at such an amazing price! Thank you for reaching out to families and providing a way to fill our freezers with wholesome food! You made the pick up super easy! I really appreciate it!"

Cessna M.

The quality is day and night compared to the stuff at the store! I don’t see myself going back to store meat anytime soon. Sharing it with a everyone. Thank you!!!

Kim S.

We recently purchased 20# of ground beef after it became impossible to find at our area grocery stores! My mom used to split a half a cow with us years ago and I had forgotten how much better grass fed beef is! Once we buy a freezer we will be purchasing more meat!

OUR PROMISE: The "Rancher's Word" Guarantee

Our promise to you is that your search for a trust worthy source of beef is over. We are the real deal, we care about the same things you care about, and your beef will be raised the right way. 

Packed with nutrition, bursting with real flavor, and without the unwanted elements found in grocery store beef.

 You will notice the difference in our beef immediately. We literally guarantee it with the only 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the beef business. 

We are excited and honored to be your rancher!  We've never raised anything other than Grass Finished Beef. It's what we do.

Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow - Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower and owner of Sangre's Best Beef

Join the Moo-vement of Happy Customers

Isn't It Time You "Meat" Your Rancher?!?!

With all the uncertainty in today's beef industry (mislabeling, shortages, bacterial outbreaks, added hormones, and antibiotics just to name a few...) don't you want a source of beef for your family you can trust? Now you can. 

"Meat" Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow
Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower, owner of Sangre's Best Beef, and the ORIGINAL Grass-Finished Beef Rancher

We've Made Ranching Good For the Environment

Did you know in 2022, Your Rancher won the Lifetime Conservation Award from the Palmer Land Conservancy (their highest honor!)? Just more proof that you are supporting something special! 

See how Ranching and Conservation Work Hand in Hand, featuring Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow

Beef Nutrient Comparison

You Get What You Pay For. You Are What You Eat.

These phrases have never been more true than talking about Beef.

Never Buy Beef From the Grocery Store Again!

Create Your Very Own "Freezer Section" at Home. Here's the Guide.

Save Money on Local, Grass-Finished Beef

You Get What You Pay For.

We will be the first to tell you we are not the cheapest way to eat beef, and we're proud of that (there are some gross and sketchy ways to eat beef out there!) But if eating right matters to you and your family, and you're already looking at buying Grass-Finished Beef From the Grocery Store...we are actually MORE AFFORDABLE. See the proof.

How Much Do You Need?

Use this helpful chart to make sure you're securing enough Beef for your family. 

More Bulk Beef Options

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Get First Chance at Our LIMITED 100% Colorado Grass-Finished Bulk Beef Packages!

PLUS Get The "True Colorado Beef Guide" for FREE

The 5 things you NEED to know for finding and enjoying genuine 100% Colorado Grass-Finished Beef
(and NEVER have to stand in front of that sketchy grocery store beef section again)

Don't Miss Out! Fall Bulk Beef Reservations Announcement Coming Soon...

Free Shipping

100% Money Back Guarantee

24/7 Support

Become a Beef Buying Expert

Check out our Beef University: Ranch Updates, Buying Tips, and Helpful Info


Do you have any interest in eating healthier beef? Finding local beef? Trying Grass-Finished Beef? Buying your Beef in Bulk?

You're in the right place. We have taken our 30 years of experience raising the highest quality Grass-Finsihed Beef and laid out everything you need to know.

With this guide you will be able to find, source, plan, prep, cook and enjoy high quality and trustworthy beef for you and your family.


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