Colorado's Highest Quality 100% Grass Finished Beef

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It's our mission to provide you, our Colorado neighbors, with a secure and trustworthy supply of the cleanliest, healthiest, tastiest 100% Grass Finished Beef.

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What You All Get

1lb of Colorado's Highest Quality 100% Grass-Finished Beef

Dinner Time Taken Care Of

This sample of Ground Beef will take care of one of your family's meals, and leave everyone with happy, healthy bellies. You get to fuel everyone up with the most nutrient packed and delicious Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it...

A New Standard for Your Ground Beef Experience

Warning: You and your family will be completely spoiled with this sample. You'll leave everyone "WOWed" with the flavor of your next Ground Beef dish.   signature 85/15 Ground Beef blend.

Convenience to Your Door

Your sample will arrive in a convenient 1lb professionaly vacuum sealed package, ready for you to use for your next meal or store in the freezer. 

What Others are Saying About the Beef...

Laura R. 

"What a blessing to get such a store of quality beef today at such an amazing price! Thank you for reaching out to families and providing a way to fill our freezers with wholesome food! You made the pick up super easy! I really appreciate it!"

Cessna M.

The quality is day and night compared to the stuff at the store! I don’t see myself going back to store meat anytime soon. Sharing it with a everyone. Thank you!!!

Kim S.

We recently purchased 20# of ground beef after it became impossible to find at our area grocery stores! My mom used to split a half a cow with us years ago and I had forgotten how much better grass fed beef is! Once we buy a freezer we will be purchasing more meat!

OUR PROMISE: The "Rancher's Word" Guarantee

Our promise to you is that your search for a trust worthy source of beef is over. We are the real deal, we care about the same things you care about, and your beef will be raised the right way. 

Packed with nutrition, bursting with real flavor, and without the unwanted elements found in grocery store beef.

 You will notice the difference in our beef immediately. We literally guarantee it with the only 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the beef business. 

We are excited and honored to be your rancher!  We've never raised anything other than Grass Finished Beef. It's what we do.

Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow - Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower and owner of Sangre's Best Beef

Join the Moo-vement of Happy Customers

Isn't It Time You "Meat" Your Rancher?!?!

With all the uncertainty in today's beef industry (mislabeling, shortages, bacterial outbreaks, added hormones, and antibiotics just to name a few...) don't you want a source of beef for your family you can trust? Now you can. 

"Meat" Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow
Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower, owner of Sangre's Best Beef, and the ORIGINAL Grass-Finished Beef Rancher

We've Made Ranching Good For the Environment

Did you know in 2022, Your Rancher won the Lifetime Conservation Award from the Palmer Land Conservancy (their highest honor!)? Just more proof that you are supporting something special! 

See how Ranching and Conservation Work Hand in Hand, featuring Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow

Why It's The "Best"?

Our Pastures, Care, and Experience give you the BEST Grass Finished Beef. Guaranteed.

Our Pastures

What's the most important element to Grass-Finished Beef? The GRASS of course! Not all Grass Finished Beef is created equal. Here, in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, we have some of the best pastures in the world. Your Beef will be eating a HUGE variety of grasses, forbs, sedges and herbs (over 60 different kinds, we literally counted). This diverse buffet of highly nutritious grasses creates the most flavorful, deep red, marbled, and nutritious beef you've ever had!

Our Care

Our pastures are so plentiful, we could sit back and watch amazing beef raise itself. But we go above and beyond, because that's whats best for the cattle, the pasture, and you. We are out on horseback with our cattle EVERYDAY checking on their health and happiness, and on the state of the pasture. We are constantly rotating the herd through different pastures on the ranch so that they always have access to bountiful forage, and fresh mountain water. This life of exercise, fresh air and water, and the highest quality forage takes our beef to the next level. 

Our Experience

We have been raising Grass Finished Beef on these pastures for over 30 years...WAY BEFORE IT WAS COOL.  We are the orginal experts on it, and for Grass Finished Beef that really matters. The quality depends 100% on the way it is raised. When raised the right way, on the right pastures, it should be the best tasting beef you've ever had. If raised incorrectly, well, it can be the worst beef you've ever had. It's that important.  We've learned a lifetime's worth about raising the best beef possible, and we aren't done yet. Every year, we tweak and adjust to ensure that you receive the best tasting Grass Finished Beef there is.  

Oh, and did we mention it's GUARANTEED?!

We are so sure that we offer the best Grass Finished Beef, that we back it up with the only "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" in the beef business. We call this our "Rancher's Word Guarantee". In the world of Grass-Finished Beef raising there are a lot of variables (again, what we do is not easy). But we take on all that risk for you. If there is ANY reason you are not satisfied with your experience or the product, all you have to do is talk to us. We are here, and we will take care of you.

Beef Nutrient Comparison

You Get What You Pay For. You Are What You Eat.

These phrases have never been more true than talking about Beef.

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