Isn't It Time You "Meat" Your Rancher?!?!

With all the uncertainty in today's beef industry (mislabeling, shortages, bacterial outbreaks, added hormones, and antibiotics just to name a few...) don't you want a source of beef for your family you can trust? Now you can. 

"Meat" Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow
Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower, owner of Sangre's Best Beef, and the ORIGINAL Grass-Finished Beef Rancher

OUR PROMISE: The "Rancher's Word" Guarantee

Our promise to you is that your search for a trust worthy source of beef is over. We are the real deal, we care about the same things you care about, and your beef will be raised the right way. 

Packed with nutrition, bursting with real flavor, and without the unwanted elements found in grocery store beef.

 You will notice the difference in our beef immediately. We literally guarantee it with the only 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the beef business. 

We are excited and honored to be your rancher!  We've never raised anything other than Grass Finished Beef. It's what we do.

Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow - Real Life Cowgirl, Horse Trainer, Choir Member, Chess Lover, Wife, Mother, Christ Follower and owner of Sangre's Best Beef

Our Story 

In 2007, we permanently protected our 3,800 acre ranch from development with a conservation easement through the San Isabel Land Protection Trust. It has been in our family since Bill and Dorothy Parker, Elin's folks, purchased it in 1968. Mom and Dad have moved on to that place where there is never a drought, but the Parker family is committed to keep it as a working cattle ranch forever. Bill recognized early on the importance of taking care of the grass and, like Dad, we lean into the latest technology and science and are implementing new ways of growing better pasture by practicing managed grazing.

While good pasture is the foundation of our business, another key to Sangres Best grass finished beef is selection of high-quality cattle and knowing how to "finish" them (aka fatten them). Our third-generation family rancher and founder of Sangres Best, Elin Parker Ganschow, sources local cattle from nearby ranches… with the heart to thrive, etc…Elin has many loves, but those most dear to her are the Lord, her husband Matt, her children and grandchildren, all the family and loyal friends.

Meet Elin Parker Ganschow

Owner of Sangres Best. Elin is a 1960 model, 5th in a family of six ‘brats’ (as her Dad fondly called her). Her parents put together a great and profitable ranch and farm in Eastern Colorado and she loved caring for the cattle and the land and riding horses. She went to Colorado State University and got a degree in Animal Science with a good dose of ag business courses. Her question during that time was, “What will I do if I don’t ranch?”, and she never did come up with a single thing. She couldn’t imagine anything else.

Elin was doing grass-fed before grass-fed was cool way back in 1992!I Early on she realized the benefits of grass fed-beef for the rancher, the land, and the ethical treatment of the cattle. She had been reading in cattle industry publications about the unrest and growing discontent among consumers over the factory farming and conventional cattle finishing methods. She also noted that the industry response was to justify the practices vs addressing them. So she thought about the concept of vertical integration she had learned about in college and asked the question of herself, “I wonder if we could just raise beef the way they (the consumers) want it done, sell directly to them and actually make a decent living?” A quick pencil exercise of gross margin looked promising. Of course the first question after that was, “Will the quality of the beef be good enough to keep customers coming back?” My original aim was to have customers for life. The answer was YES!


We were able to test the proposition on a steer that had strayed one summer to a neighboring ranch and went undetected through half the winter. When we recovered the steer it was close to spring so my Dad decided to run him another summer and then use him to feed our family. He was a big fat 1,200 lb two year old and the beef was over the moon delicious… in fact far better than any beef we had ever tasted! 

"We discovered the secret was in the grass!"

She discovered that not all grass fed beef was the same. It was the rich nutritional grasses that Westcliffe Colorado is famous for! At an elevation of around 8,000 feet our high country boasts over 60 varieties of grasses, herbs, forbs and sedges the cattle like and love to eat. The irrigated meadows have a lot of timothy, red top, brome and clover. The upland is short grass and has blue gramma, buffalo, wheatgrass to name a few. And don’t forget the importance of water. Deep well water, mountain streams and spring fed ponds make a critical difference in the quality of Sangres Best Beef. 

We've Made Ranching Good For the Environment

Did you know in 2022, Your Rancher won the Lifetime Conservation Award from the Palmer Land Conservancy (their highest honor!)? Just more proof that you are supporting something special! 

See how Ranching and Conservation Work Hand in Hand, featuring Your Rancher, Elin Ganschow


Sangres Best is RancHER Owned and Operated!

Operating a ranch takes strength, experience, smarts and a love of the land and the animals. Add to that an uncompromising work ethic along with a good sense of humor, and Rhoda Rusher is as good as it gets for handling this responsibility. A third-generation native of the valley, her roots in agriculture go a long way back. There is no one I’d rather work cattle with than Rhoda!



"Outstanding quality and service. Everything we've bought from Sangres is excellent in flavor and texture, and well worth the money. Communication is easy, efficient, and pleasant. This is how you do business for everyone's benefit!" - Sylia

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