All you need to do is place a $200 deposit on each box you choose. The final amount will be billed once we weigh your box and before pickup (minus deposit) Easy Peasy!

Estimated Totals
Eighth = 1 box @ $375 to $450
Quarter = 2 boxes @ $750 to $900
Tri-Pack = 3 boxes @ $1,125 to $1,350
Half = 4 boxes @ $1,500 to $1,800
Whole = 8 boxes @ $3,000 to $3,600

We care about the same things you care about.

  • Tasty beef that truly is the best for you.
  • Grazing practices that restore the environment.
  • Building our rural economy. Take a listen to one of our heroes who we identify with, Will Harris, as he explains his journey towards regenerative agriculture here.
  • Respectful and kindly care for the animals.
  • Giving back to young people called to a life of ag. Rusher Brothers FFA Scholarship