Recipe Corner

  • The PERFECT Oven Roast!

    This roast is so simple and will be the most mouthwatering roast of your life. It is best done with a grass-fed roast that has lots of marbling but...
  • Burgers! That's It - Just Burgers!

    Need a quick burger recipe? In-laws coming over for a cookout? Don't worry, we are here for you. These are super simple burgers. Nothing fancy, no smoke, nothing. You can make these on a grill or in the kitchen.
  • The Best Smoked or Grilled Corn You've EVER Had!

    WHAT?! You just boil it! That is, unless you're me. I will try to make anything and everything I can on the smoker. "But you're a beef company, why...
  • DELICIOUS & SUPER SIMPLE Sides For Your Next Cookout!

    Most of my recipes focus on the main course. But why wouldn't they? That's how you really 'wow' your guests. Well, that's what I thought anyways. Nobody likes to just eat meat (except me), so you have to have some good side dishes. Here are a few VERY easy side dishes to make for your next cookout.
  • BEST Smoked Chuck Roast!

    A smoked Chuck Roast?! You're crazy! Well, maybe, but this recipe is crazy good! A recipe for the best way to cook a Chuck (sorry mom - no more Crock Pot roasts for me!)
  • Sangres Weeknight Spaghetti & Meatballs by Brandt Y.

    Hey guys Brandt here again with another recipe post! Y’all ever have something for dinner in mind ALL DAY, and get home and cook something differ...
  • Sangres Tri-Tip

    A super simple way of preparing one of the best and most underrated cuts of beef.