The Best Smoked or Grilled Corn You've EVER Had!

WHAT?! You just boil it! That is, unless you're me. I will try to make anything and everything I can on the smoker.

"But you're a beef company, why are there chicken shish kabobs on here?" Shh.. don't tell my boss. I 'cheated' and made chicken last weekend. I just have to brag about this awesome corn I made alongside it. So good, in fact, that it gets it's own recipe apart from my other sides. 

There is a theme to my recipes.... simplicity. This is probably the easiest recipe I've ever made. 


  • However many ears of corn you want, husk still on
  • Big pan of water (Dutch Ovens work well)
  • Salt, pepper, and butter


Get ready for a long recipe, folks.

  • Soak the ears in water for an hour. Use a Dutch Oven or similar size pan.
  • Smoke or grill them at 225, high smoke until they look like this picture. Usually about 30-45 minutes-ish, but it depends. Test them like you would corn on the stove by poking a couple spots. If the kernels are still hard, it's not done. 
  • That's it. Cover with salt, pepper, and butter as you please.
  • If you're my toddler, make sure to make the biggest mess possible while eating the corn.

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