The PERFECT Oven Roast!

This roast is so simple and will be the most mouthwatering roast of your life. It is best done with a grass-fed roast that has lots of marbling but any roast will do. 

It is also best when cooked long and slow. 

Start this roast in the oven with your favorite rub in a Dutch Oven pot.  I personally recommend trying a blend of ground cloves, garlic granules, salt and pepper for the rub.

Heat oven to a high heat of 450 to 500 for about a half hour

Then add onions and garlic and cover and turn the heat down to warm (about  for the whole day.

The MOST important aspect to this recipe is to NOT add any water. I know, it sounds crazy but just trust us. It will not overcook, it will be superb!!

Author: Elin Ganshow Owner Of Sangres Best Beef 

What others are saying about this recipe!

"Holy Cow! That is the absolute best way to cook a roast.  I was skeptical not using any water.  I followed your directions and the roast came out extremely moist and juicy!  That is my new favorite method! Thanks a bunch!" -Sean N

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