DELICIOUS & SUPER SIMPLE Sides For Your Next Cookout!

Most of my recipes focus on the main course. But why wouldn't they? That's how you really 'wow' your guests. Well, that's what I thought anyways. 

Nobody likes to just eat meat (except me), so you have to have some good side dishes. Here are a few VERY easy side dishes to make for your next cookout (you can even make these in the kitchen!). The best part is that all of them cost less than $10 total!

First, my favorite, and probably the easiest of these recipes. I get a couple big tomatoes. I slice them up thick since they will shrink in the smoker. I sprinkle some avocado oil (there will be another post about why I switched from EVOO to avocado oil), Buckeye Smokers AP rub, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese. That's it. Smoke them until they look done (I really have no way of describing this... they just look 'done' to me). 

The next one is baked beans. I 'cheated' and bought some regular ole Bush's baked beans. I put them in the disposable pie pans. One is just a little brown sugar and honey. The other one is my favorite, the tongue twister: Bourbon Brown Sugar Bacon Jalapeno Baked Beans. It has Buffalo Trace bourbon (the alcohol cooks out - you can choose whichever bourbon you want), brown sugar, big chunks of raw bacon, and diced jalapenos (I also add some of the juice). Again, cook these until they're 'done'. 

The shells and cheese are the biggest 'cheat' I have here. Cook them as the package instructs, cover with bread crumbs, put on the smoker to get the flavor and crisp up the crumbs. 

Lastly, in the back right corner, you can barely make them out. Those are pierogis. My wife loves crispy pierogis and so do I. I didn't know if I could get them crispy in that pan on the smoker. I just put a package of frozen pierogis, a few dollops of high quality butter (we prefer Land O' Lakes olive oil and sea salt), big chunked potatoes, and some thick cut onion slices. Put these on for a couple hours and you're all set.

What are your favorite sides? Let us know and we can feature some of our customers' favorite recipes right here in the Recipe Corner!

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