Sangres Tri-Tip

This was cooked by doing what’s called a reverse sear. Essentially, you cook the inside first and sear the outside hot and fast when it’s done.
For this, I used a Camp Chef SG24 Pellet Grill. I let the meat thaw in my fridge for 2 days (1 would suffice) and let it get to room temperature. I liberally sprinkled Buckeye Smokers “Not Your Typical AP” Seasoning (Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and an extra ingredient - I use this on 90% of what I cook, not just beef) on it and let it rest. I smoked at 225 degrees until 10 degrees below my desired temperature, cranked the grill to 450, and seared.
“But I don’t have a smoker, I can’t do that!” Yes you can. 250 degree oven until 10 degrees below your desired temperature, then get a cast iron skillet with avocado or olive oil smoking hot and sear each side.
The key is to wrap tightly in tin foil and let it rest for at least an hour in a cooler (no ice) or on the counter (away from Fido!).

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